What is included in the service:

Careful packaging
We will pack your things, transport them to our warehouse, carefully store them for the amount of time you require, and then return them to you anywhere in the world.
Standard storage
In our warehouse, your belongings will be completely safe. This entails temperature regulation, fire safety, a complete account of what is being stored and exclusive access.
We store all kinds of things
Think about storing things with Intermark if you need storage during repairs, office property storage, long-term storage, temporary transit storage.
It's time to move, but you haven't found a suitable apartment yet? Your things will be safe with us.

Who does this service suit?

You are moving, but you haven't found an apartment yet in your new location, and you have nowhere to store your belongings in the meantime.
You want to delegate the process of packing and transporting your belongings, so that you are free to perform more important tasks.
You are concerned about the safety of your belongings, while you search for a new place to live.
Our warehouses operates according to all standards: fire safety, temperature control, a full account of what is being stored, and exclusive access.
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