Moving around the city

What is included in the service:

Personal Manager
The move is carried out under the supervision of a personal manager who will be in touch with you every step of the way, answering any questions you may have.
The cost of moving depends on many factors, and our specialist is on hand to personally inspect your belongings. During the inspection, he will be able to consult with you regarding the best time for the transportation and any other details concerning the move.
Even with a local move, quality packing is necessary for the safe and uneventful transportation of your belongings. We use professional packaging material of an international standard. Our packers undergo constant training to improve on techniques for the appropriate packing of your belongings. Oversized items are disassembled where possible to facilitate an effective and seamless transportation.
Neatness and cleanliness
If you have rented an apartment, then the safety of the owner’s belongings and ensuring there is no damage to the apartment during the move is extremely important. Our packers are experienced in dealing with this and ensure that the apartment remains in perfect condition on completion of the packing.
Based on the inspection, the manager will present you with a personalised quote based on the volume of your goods, and timing.
At a convenient time, your belongings will be delivered to your new home, unpacked and removed from the boxes. Cabinets, beds and other disassembled items of furniture will be assembled. We will remove all packing material for appropriate disposal or recycling.
Moving around the city is one of the most commonly requested services. We not only assist with transportation, packing and storage of things, but also in finding suitable housing for you.

Who does this service suit?

Those who want to delegate the task of packing and unpacking, so that you’re free to do more important things
We will present you with various options within your budget that address your particular requirements.
You wish to have everything integrated seamlessly and safely
You want to be free to deal with more important issues.
You have no experience with the transportation of bulky items to a new location
Our experts are here to help you with this.
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