The process of packing furniture
Each piece will be carefully packed in cardboard and, if necessary, wrapped in bubble wrap. All the fittings will be assembled in a separate box so that we can quickly find it in a new place and assemble the furniture correctly.
The process of packing clothes
The use of special wardrobe boxes allows you to make sure that expensive suits and dresses do not crumple during transportation, and you can go to a business meeting or a dinner party right after unpacking.
The packaging of crockery
Our packers know how to properly wrap the most fragile wine glass or the most delicate vase to keep them safe on the road. All plates are placed vertically in the boxes so that the lower ones do not crack under the weight of the upper plates. Each glass is wrapped individually in several layers of paper according to specific technology.
The packing of musical instruments
Securely fastened and properly packed, your grand piano will not be damaged, even with emergency braking and a sharp turn.
The packing of technical equipment
We have all the necessary packaging materials to transport your equipment safely and reliably.
Good packaging - this guarantees that your things will not be damaged in the process of being moved
The quality of professional packaging is vital for the safe transportation of personal belongings. We use five-layered boxes of a professional, international standard. In addition to the boxes, we use bubble wrap, paper and cardboard of perfect packaging quality. Fragile items are further protected by packing them into special wooden boxes.
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